Calling all Second Stride adopters!


If you have adopted a horse (or more) from Second Stride, we are asking for your help.  Our annual fundraiser is coming up on May 2nd and we want to make a mash-up video of our adopters with their adopted horses to help promote on social media. 

We are working very hard to increase attendance, donations, auction bids and support.  If you’re willing, we could really use your help. And, it’s EASY!  We can’t guarantee we use every video sent, but we will keep all and hopefully use in future marketing promos.  Note that sending videos implies your consent to use for marketing purposes.


HERE’S WHAT WE NEED:   DEADLINE: Saturday April 16th, 2022

  1. Take a video (Horizontal/Landscape orientation please!) of you or your family, with your adopted horse.  It can be something creative – whatever moves you.  It could be your horse/rider going over a jump.  Anything with little children is always a crowd pleaser!  😊 Or just holding the horse waving to the camera is fine!  Keep in mind we will only be using a few seconds of it so don’t make it long.  Just around 5 seconds.

  2. You don’t need to speak at all. We won't be using the audio.

  3. Please also send:  the name of the horse when adopted (racing name), your new name for him/her and your name, phone and email (in case we have questions!)



There are two ways you can submit your videos.  Submitting any other way will not be accepted.

  1. Use to send the video.  It is FREE and very easy.  In the “email to” field, please use the email for our marketer Gwen Davis:  You can use the "message" field to send the name info.


  2. Follow Davis Innovation on Facebook @davisinnovation and send the video via Facebook Messenger.


Thank you!  And feel free to email Gwen with any questions.


Leading up to Kentucky Derby 147, Second Stride partnered with Davis Innovation Marketing and Jennie Rees to produce a series of five videos showcasing highlights and successes throughout the year and beyond.