About Gwen

Gwen Davis


Gwen Davis is a marketing professional and designer based in Louisville, Kentucky. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Gwen has a Communications degree from the University of Notre Dame and over 25 years experience in sales, marketing, public and media relations.


She has worked for an array of clients from a popular blues band to international professional organizations and other nonprofits. She also designed and marketed for a YMCA Camp for Special Needs Children, Camp Kon-O-Kwee/Spencer, the Roman Catholic Dioceses of Pittsburgh and Greensburg and international nonprofit, Real Life Catholic.

Her true passion, though, lies in the horse business. As an off-track thoroughbred owner, rider and racing enthusiast, Gwen continues to pursue that passion in her business.  

In 2012, the company completely switched gears to focus exclusively on equine-related businesses, including the horse racing industry.  Gwen especially enjoys forging new marketing ideas, web design, and unique social media integration for clients. 

Churchill Downs recreated the iconic scene of The Four Horsemen of Notre Dame for visiting Notre Dame football fans...and one happy alumna.

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