So, what's with the penguins?

I am often asked, 'if you're in the horse business, what's with the penguins?'   

Okay, here it is.

During my formative nursery school year, my parents attended an open house to meet our teacher and to gaze upon the priceless works of art made at our tiny hands.  When they arrived, they were greeted by a wall full of construction paper penguins, all happily facing and walking in one direction.  Except for one.

Together they lamented. "Oh, those poor embarrassing."  As they got closer to read the artist's name, well - you can figure out the rest.

It was the penguin story that anchored my college essay that got me into Notre Dame.  It was the penguin story that landed my first job.  And, it's the penguin story that drives me every day to continue to find new, innovative ways to deliver your message more effectively.  And sometimes, that means doing something no one else has done (yet).


It's less of a story and more a way of looking at the world.  What started as a slight embarrassment for my parents has evolved into a life and career of thinking the other way.  And, I'm convinced that the 'penguin story' will ultimately help you to stand out and meet your goals.  

So, in my world, penguins and horses go great together.  

Gwen Davis

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